D-Composed is a Chicago-based chamber music experience that highlights musicians and composers within the African-Diaspora. 

With intimate out-of-the-box experiences and a fusion of genres, our goal is to redefine the classical music experience. 

We take music out of the concert halls and into art galleries and cafes.  We honor musicianship of the past as well as modern composers and pop cultural icons.

With our platform, we plan to change an entire field and we’re doing it on our own terms.


why Chamber Music?

Chamber music refers to classical music that was specifically arranged for a smaller group of instruments. Traditionally, this style of music was performed for the elite in palace chambers. However, our performances make chamber music much more accessible and we prefer to approach the practice with our own personal touch.

It’s also commonly referred to as the music of friends which is why at each of our experiences, we encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zones and meet someone new.

Stick around and mingle with guests and get up close and personal with the musicians.


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D-composed, llc

D-Composed, LLC was started to create highly conceptual chamber music experiences that are meant to redefine the classical music experience. Each event is further elevated with the collaboration of brand partners. When working with our team, events are fully customized and bespoke ensuring an all encompassing experience.

Head to the Past Events page to see previous concepts.


D-Composed Gives

D-Composed Gives was started to provide free and accessible chamber music experiences to underserved communities. Organizations that we are looking to partner with include CPS, juvenile detention centers, homeless shelters, and nursing homes. If you would like to bring the D-Composed experience to your charitable organization, please send inquiries to or fill out the contact form.